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Impact Clubs

Recognizing fundraisers who go the distance—and beyond—with their support.

Superhero graphic with the word fundraiser on superhero's chest

Fundraisers and donors who meet or exceed certain fundraising levels by event day become a member of one of our Impact Clubs. This is our way of thanking you for your extraordinary fundraising efforts. As a member of one of our clubs, you will be included in exclusive celebrations and receive special gifts.

Pacesetter Club: $5,000+

Extra-mile Club: $2,500 - $4,999

Strider Club: $1,000 - $2,499

500 Club: $500 - $999

Thank You

Congratulations to the following superheroes who flexed some real fundraising muscle as part of the 2022 UMass Cancer Walk presented by Harr Toyota!

Pacesetter Club


Jennifer Wood

Olivia Lamountain

Kevin Bochicchio

Tina Peladeau

Extra-mile Club

$2,500 - $4,999

Gregory Wolf

Adam Webster

Marc Harding

Daniel Garcia

Strider Club

$1,000 - $2,499

Jennifer Voas

Tina Bisceglia

John Devereaux

Thiago Molinari

Kathleen Brothers

Richard Kump

Valerie Wedge

Pam Spielberg

Fran Bassett

Sherri Dumont

Robin Ziko

Elaine Urban

Wayne Aboody-Kallio

Katie Do

Garret Oliver

Thomas Spenard

Joanna King Conety

Jason Shohet

Viji Daniel

Laura Morris

Joseph Wedge

Craig Boivin

David Cho

Udayan Kamerkar

Pattie Peloquin

Tracy (TJ) Griffin

Kathleen Coburn

Amy Raymond

Mary Ann Giroux

Maureen Wojnar

Hank LaMountain

Sarah Rizk

Tina Ler

500 Club

$500 - $999

Christine Cobb

Kriti Mittal

Michael Rizk

Kellie Becker

Erin Brunnett

Jill Zitzewitz

Debra Williams

Vanessa Paulman

Mark Parella

Kevin Doyle

Celeste Chenet-Monte

Jessica Wyman

Deborah Fisher

Tammy Kallio

Kelly Spenard

Denise Sartori

Jillian Warren

Melissa Singley

Lee McKenna

Amanda Onwuka

Judy Mondor

Cheryl Prout

Tracy Bartucca

Tina Leahy

Jim Imbody

Marjorie McCurley

Valerie Veridiano

Tracy Mattison

Kristen Osterman

Danielle Howard

Patricia Crosson

Amanda Normandin

Ruth Aboagye

Lynda Stankavage

David Grybowski

Maria Chaparro

Richard Burque

Shannon Garcia

Gina Maroni

Caitlin Morris

Brett Simas

Lauryn Doyle

Luis Garcia

Daniel Leone

Jonathan Davis

Gina Boucher

Karen Haddad

Kathy Premo

Madelyn Raymond

William Galligan

Debbie Gleason

Glenn Davis

Corey Brote

Paul Morris

Jenn Franklin

Ellie Bilsel

Kathleen Brothers

Cheyanne Houston

Joyce Simon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do matching gifts count toward Impact Club fundraising totals?

Yes. Your employer and your donors' employers can make matching gifts that will count toward your donation total.

Does a team's overall fundraising total make one or more of its members eligible for an Impact Club?

No, only INDIVIDUALS who raise $500 or more can become part of an Impact Club. However, individuals can be part of a team and encourage other team members to raise $500 or more also.

What if an individual cannot raise $500 by the day of the event?

In order to become a member at the 500 Club level, you must raise $500 by event day.