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Impact Clubs - Recognizing your fundraising success

Talk about picking up the pace... These individual fundraisers went the distance (and beyond!) with their fundraising efforts for the 22nd annual—and first-ever—virtual event.


thank you

Pacesetter Club


Marc Harding

Tina Peladeau

Extra-mile Club

$2,500 - $4,999

Richard Carr

Matthew Cote

Kevin Doyle

Bobby Duquette

Benjavan Upatising

Strider Club

$1,000 - $2,499

Fran Bassett

Craig Boivin

Tricia Campero

Ali Coburn

Marisa Cote

John Devereaux

Sharon Doyle

Michael Green

Udayan Kamerkar

Richard Kump

Tina Lee

Amy Lubowicki

Caitlin McEachern

Paul Morris

Amanda Normandin

Sarah Rizk

Christine Sugarman

Paulette Tatro

Tara Tula

Elaine Urban

Scot Wolfe

Jennifer Wood

Patricia Wood

Robin Ziko

500 Club

$500 - $999

Eric Baehrecke
Joel Bauman
Tina Bisceglia
Kathleen Brothers
Carolyn Burke
Erika creamer
Matthew Creamer
Kara Crosson
Patricia Crosson
Jessica Daniel
Brooke Dauksz
Vanessa DeMichele
Jordan Dudley
Debbie Gleason
Kim Hanlon
Leslie Heenan
Nichole Houston

Michele Koller
Bill McCool
Lee McKenna
Laura Morris
Paul Morris
Debra Paciello
Josette Paduani
Pattie Peloquin
Taylor Quinn
Jenna Rahilly
Julia Shaughnessy
Stacey Valentine
Jim Wage
Lauren Waldman
Greg Wolf
Brian Zimmel
Jill Zitzewitz

Individuals who meet or exceed certain fundraising levels by event day become a member of one of our Impact Clubs. This is our way of thanking you for your extraordinary fundraising efforts. As a member of one of our clubs, you will be included in exclusive celebrations and receive special gifts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do matching gifts count toward Impact Club fundraising totals?

Yes. Your employer and your donors' employers can make matching gifts that will count toward your donation total.

Does a team's overall fundraising total make one or more of its members eligible for an Impact Club?

No, only INDIVIDUALS who raise $500 or more can become part of an Impact Club. However, individuals can be part of a team and encourage other team members to raise $500 or more also.

What if an individual cannot raise $500 by the day of the walk?

In order to become a member at the 500 Club level, you must raise $500 by event day.

If I donate $500 or more to this year's event, to an individual or to a fundraising team, do I become a member of an Impact Club?


If I make several donations to this year's event and they total $500 or more, do I become a member of an Impact Club?

Yes! Multiple gifts that total or exceed $500 mean you become a Club member.