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Route Map

Route map for the 2022 UMass Cancer Walk and Run presented by Harr Toyota

Route map


  • RIGHT on Green Island Blvd.
  • RIGHT on Hermon St. (underneath railroad tracks)
  • RIGHT on Francis McGrath Blvd. (stay on sidewalk)
  • LEFT on Myrtle St.
  • RIGHT on Southbridge St.
  • RIGHT on Main St.
  • RIGHT on School St.
  • RIGHT on Major Taylor Blvd.
  • RIGHT on Thomas St.
  • LEFT on Commercial St.
  • LEFT on Foster St.
  • RIGHT on Mercantile St.
  • LEFT on Eaton Place
  • RIGHT on Front St.
  • LEFT on Church St.
  • Straight on Salem St.
  • LEFT on Myrtle St. (do not cross, stay on sidewalk)
  • LEFT on Francis McGrath Blvd. (stay on sidewalk)
  • RIGHT on Green St. (cross to go underneath railroad tracks)
  • RIGHT on Canal St.
  • LEFT on Summit St.
  • RIGHT on Ash St.
  • LEFT on Washington St.
  • RIGHT on Madison St.
  • FINISH at Polar Park Gate D